Opioid Addiction in the News

Chris & Brinkley Smithers on NBC

(NBC News 4 New York)

Chris Smithers and his daughter, Brinkley Smithers, join NBC News 4 in New York to discuss how Brinkley was inspired to create the "Hey Charlie" PSA to help #StopTheSpiral of opioid addiction.

A Teen Wrote and Co-Directed This Powerful PSA About the Rapid Spiral of Opioid Addiction


'Hey Charlie' aims to promote medical treatment over faith-based recovery

HIV/AIDS taught us how to beat the opioid epidemic


The United States is not the only nation wrestling with opioid addiction. It is, however, one of the few nations unwilling to do much about it, even though the word “opioid” is spread across newspaper headlines daily, and Americans are dying of overdose in droves.